Who We Are

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The Farmers at Highrise Pet Supplies have been growing Wheatgrass for your pets since 1994.  We grow our Wheatgrass with organic seeds and soil, in a climate controlled warehouse in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn.  We sell our Greens in the Union Square Farmers Market, and are expanding to make deliveries in our neighborhood!

We operate the most Local Farm in New York City!

Our Delivery Area

We do home deliveries on our pedal-powered Worksman Cargo Trike.  Doorknob deliveries are $3.  The charge for a four week delivery is $10 (save $2).  Orders received by Tuesday will be delivered Thursday the same week.  All Pet Patch® orders include a delivery charge.  Please select a delivery charge if your order does not include a Pet Patch®.  All charges are subject to sales tax.

The MOST Local Farm in NYC!

Highrise Pet Supplies:

“Grown by Hand, Delivered by Foot!”